Member Appreciation Dinner

To kick off December our Board of Directors showed their appreciation for the OGCC Members.

The Board of Directors at the Oakdale Golf and Country Club hosted a rousing night of food, drink, and fellowship on Sunday, December 4th for all members and their respective plus ones. It was an evening of fine food and fine wines, a celebration of the best members of the best golf and country club in all the Central Valley, and a perfect way to kick off the holiday season. The Oakdale Golf and Country Club is only as vibrant and successful as the members that populate it, and the turnout Sunday night showed just how bright our future is.

With a whopping 300 people in attendance, the Oakdale Golf and Country Club was filled to the brim with amazing company, great spirits, and a smorgasbord of incredible eats. With their attendance, each membership type received two free drink tickets. The board members themselves were on hand to pass out a bevy of wonderful appetizers including mouth-watering bruschetta, succulent meatballs, and savory potstickers. The fabulous eats didn’t stop there. Loaded Charcuterie boards, gorgeous salads, and flowing pasta rounded out a menu that had to be experienced to be believed.

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What’s a meal without a delicious glass of wine? Our members were treated to a selection of wines to go with their hors d’oeuvres. The board went all out with the whites and reds, including a Sauvignon Blanc that was from Halleck Vineyard, a Chardonnay from Decoy, and Cabernets from Rodney Strong and Robert Mondavi. With the best wines and the best food, there’s no doubt the Board has so much appreciation for each and every one of its members.

Special thanks go out to the Oakdale Golf and Country Club staff who made this event such a wonderful gathering. For any one our members that could not attend, we hope to see you next year. For all the members that were there, the board can’t thank you enough for making the night one to remember.

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